Spetses Island


Spetses is a historic island of the Argosaronic gulf, located just 185 km away from Athens. The island is accessible by boat from the port of Piraeus or by car until Costa and then a 10-minute boat ride. Its town stretches along the north side of the island from Kounoupitsa, to Dapia, the port, to the picturesque Old Harbor. On Spetses you will enjoy walking along the lovely sea promenade, relaxing at its beautiful beaches and a cosmopolitan flair.

Famous events on the island:

  • Spetsathlon
A sporting event in the end of April consisting of a Triathlon race (swimming, biking, running) and a bike race. More

  • Classic Yacht Race.
An event of sailing races with Classic Boats, Traditional Caiques, Lateens and Dragon category that takes place in June. More

  •  Armata festival.
A festival celebrating Panaghia Armata and commemorating the Naval Battle of Spetses (September 8, 1822) during the Greek War of Independence. The festival takes place the second weekend of September.

  •  Spetses mini Marathon.
A three-day program of running and swimming races that take place in October. More
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